The Race for Second Place

Everyone knows that the Patriots are most likely going to go to the Super Bowl, and probably even win it. So, the real question is: who's going to face them? The Cowboys, or the Packers? Both teams this season weren't expected to win much at all, maybe 8 games at most, with Brett Farve, the Packers QB, aging and could have easily retired last year, and the Cowboys having an entirely new coaching staff. What are the teams records now? Ten and One, and they're tied for first place, sadly only in the NFC. Brett Farve is having the time of his life, with 3356 passing yards and completing 67.5% of his passes, and 22 TD passes. They are the ultimate 'good guys' in the NFL this year. The Cowboys on the other hand have played amazingly well, with the lone loss coming to the Pats. Tony Romo has silenced his critics from last year when he muffed the hold in the playoffs against Seattle, with twenty-nine TD passes, 13 of them to T.O., who is being talked about not for his mouth, but his hands. This is going to be a real tight game, but Tony Romo and the Cowboys are going to come out in the end. My pick: Cowboys 42, Packers 39.All kids and their parents involved in sports activities are invited to join our discussion of the latest sports events on this sportskidblog as well as to propose discussion topics for the next Childengagementconference which will be dedicated to organization of sports activities for kids of all ages. We are looking for your ideas!

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Before getting your kid to the first training every parent should remember that they need to be prepared physically, emotionally, and with specialized sports clothes too.
The kid needs sports clothes, wearing which he or she will be absolutely secured, will feel comfortable to jump, run and take part in other sport activities. The footwear should be selected with accuracy, so the foot is protected and supported, in order to avoid the traumas. Many kids enjoy wearing various baby headbands from Babywisp accessories store, cuffs and other sports elements that will not only make their training more comfortable, but will make their outfit stylish too!

When selecting sport shoes pay attention to the sport brands, that are producing footwear for sport activities, such as running shoes, shoes for football. Discover the selection of New Balance shoes and feel safe about your kid!

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